…Let your light so shine to be seen by all and God would be glorified – (Matthew5:14-16; John 9: 5).

My prayer for you is to radiate the light of the glory of God and to rule and illuminate your world as the son of God for this is the will of God concerning you in Jesus’ name – Rom. 5: 17.

Sunday Services

Sunday Worship Service: 2.00pm
Friday Revival and Miracle Service: 7.00pm


Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD: is a devout glory intercessor who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. His greatest passion and vision is to see the will of the Lord done and the work of God’s kingdom expansion prosper – sinners to be saved and become true sons of God and believers to receive all the promised blessings of the Lord God. He believes that the greatest resistance to realizing divine will is the activity of the kingdom of darkness and spiritual blindness resulting in ignorance, which has given the enemy undue advantage over many believers. Hence, he has devoted himself fervently to the Lord Jesus Christ, who has favoured him with Prayer Power and deep spiritual insights on how to deal with the kingdom of darkness and bring deliverances to God’s people with visible testimonies of fulfilled promises of God obtained under strong atmosphere of God’s presence through prayer.

He has received clear mandate from the Lord when he saw the heavens open in a night vision and the words “EQUIP PRESENT GENERATION” written in block letters in the horizon of the sky. This has given him strong passion to teach and train believers to become who God has ordained them to be. He is an author who has published ten books and is involved greatly in developing Christian leaders and Pastors – training and equipping them for the challenges of the end time ministries, for the propagation of God’s kingdom.

His charge includes making the Lord known in high places of the nations. He also undertakes evangelistic healing and miracle outreaches and Church planting.

Presently, he lives in Calgary Canada where he is involved in intercessory prayer to open up new frontiers for the Lord. He is married to Apostle Blessing Oden and are blessed with two sons: David and God’swisdom. He is the Superintendent of Global Message of Hope Mission International.

We Give Life to people &

to their HOPES to produce joy in them and thanksgiving to God. Whatever you hoped for in Christ, no matter how long you might have waited for it to manifest; maybe you are even fainting already in your hope, God has given us His Grace, Wisdom and Power to inject life into your [dead] hope and cause it to bring forth fruits and results so that your joy may be full in Christ. There is always a lively word from the Lord to cause your hope to come alive and yield the desired results. That is what we do and that is what Global Message of Hope Mission (GMHM) stands for.

Our worship centres are called globally FAITH MIRACLE CENTRES: We walk by faith and live by the faith of Christ, for that is what pleases the Lord. Faith is that substance you are hoping for and Global Message of Hope Mission is a door the Lord has opened through which one can enter in and get the Faith needed to receive the substance he or she is hoping for. And Christ is the Anchor of our Hope.

We know and believe that God has qualified us to share in the abundance of His inheritance for His holy people in the Kingdom of light. For this, we praise Him evermore with Joy always. He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son Jesus Christ whom He loves so much and through Him, God has extended that same love to us all by forgiving our sins and making us sons of God.

Our Commission:

– Make the Lord known to all, even in high places.

– Raise all sons of God that know who they are in Christ.

– Give all the Faith of Christ by giving them the word of faith.

– Show all how to use their faith to receive from the Lord their hopes and desires for with God all things are possible.

– Demonstrate the miraculous through the power of the Holy Spirit and bring glory to the name of the Lord.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement is: “To Restore Life, Hope and Joy to all in every city and nation”

What does this mean and entail?
Restoration of Life: is to preach the Kingdom of God, give salvation through Jesus, heal the sick, cast out the devil, raise the dead and get people filled with (or baptized in) the Holy Spirit. We must know that Jesus is the true life we need – 1 John 5: 12 and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life which we can only receive when we come to Christ Jesus and be in Him (Romans 8: 2).

We preach the gospel of Christ so that people will repent and live. We heal the sick so that people will recover their health and live and we cast out the devil because the devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy – John 10:10. Wherever the devil is, he will always attempt to steal, kill or destroy. This is why we must get the devil out and bring in the Lord Jesus who comes to give us life through the Holy Spirit so that we might have abundant life.

Restoration of Hope: This is to look after the people that come to the Lord Jesus. We must always remember that most people come to the Lord Jesus with different issues, challenges and baggage of concerns and problems. Only the Lord Jesus can solve their problems through His Holy Spirit. We must therefore quickly hook them up to the Lord Jesus and make them friends of Jesus; that is discipleship and caring. The Lord actually invited all to come to Him with all their bags and baggages of life and promised to give them rest. However, they must learn of Him (Mat. 11: 28-30) and become His friends (John 15: 13). The Lord Jesus is the Best Special Friend any one can ever have; becoming His friend is a great wisdom because you can then know Him, trust Him and call upon Him when you have a need and He will not fail you. He is the only LOVER who cannot fail (1 Cor. 13:8)..

RESTORATION OF JOY: The kingdom of God is a thing to be joyful about, knowing that we belong there and we are not of this world; that we are acceptable in the beloved – Ephesian 1: 6. We are citizens of heaven; our names are written in the Lamb’s book of life (Luke 10:19 -20). Many believers are not experiencing this joy. But the Holy Spirit teaches us that there is joy that the kingdom of God brings. It is called the joy of the Holy Spirit and that is our strength (Rom 14:17). It is our mission to bring believers to experience the joy of the kingdom of God:

  • Joy that comes from your personal realization of who you are in Christ.

  • Joy that comes from your personal achievement in Christ – what God has helped you to do in Christ.

  • Joy that comes from helping others become achievers in Christ.

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