Bishop Oden’s Ministries

Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD: is a devout glory intercessor who loves the Lord Jesus Christ.


Bishop Ezimah Oden, PhD: is a devout glory intercessor who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. His greatest passion and vision is to see the will of the Lord done and the work of God’s kingdom expansion prosper – sinners to be saved and become true sons of God and believers to receive all the promised blessings of the Lord God. He believes that the greatest resistance to realizing divine will is the activity of the kingdom of darkness and spiritual blindness resulting in ignorance, which has given the enemy undue advantage over many believers. Hence, he has devoted himself fervently to the Lord Jesus Christ, who has favoured him with Prayer Power and deep spiritual insights on how to deal with the kingdom of darkness and bring deliverances to God’s people with visible testimonies of fulfilled promises of God obtained under strong atmosphere of God’s presence through prayer.

He has received clear mandate from the Lord when he saw the heavens open in a night vision and the words “EQUIP PRESENT GENERATION” written in block letters in the horizon of the sky. This has given him strong passion to teach and train believers to become who God has ordained them to be. He is an author who has published ten books and is involved greatly in developing Christian leaders and Pastors – training and equipping them for the challenges of the end time ministries, for the propagation of God’s kingdom.

His charge includes making the Lord known in high places of the nations. He also undertakes evangelistic healing and miracle outreaches and Church planting.

Presently, he lives in Calgary Canada where he is involved in intercessory prayer to open up new frontiers for the Lord. He is married to Apostle Blessing Oden and are blessed with two sons: David and God’swisdom. He is the Superintendent of Global Message of Hope Mission International.

Bishop Oden Personal Ministry includes:

  • Voice Of Blessings Over Nations [VBON] – Radio Programme

  • Hour Of Illumination – TV programme

  • Invitations to Preach

  • Books

  • CD, Tapes, VCD and DVD

Special Programmes:

  • Open Heaven Glory Encounter [OHGE]

  • Rule Your World Seminar

  • Faith Miracles Crusades

  • Kingdom Prosperity Seminars

  • Leadership Development Seminars

  • Prayer and Intercessory Seminars