Learning  Developmet

Learning and Development (L&D):

Our L&D Mandate from the Lord is to “Equip Present Generation”.

Our L&D Theme: “Build the people and build the nations to manifest God’s Glory”.

Training Goals

• Raise Stars: to give light to our generation.

• Raise Men of Glory: to restore God’s Glory.

• Raise Ambassadors: for International Missions.

• Raise Kings and Kingdom Builders: for Rulership and Wealth Transfer. Towards achieving this mandate and goals, we offer various courses in our training programme as listed below. These are classified as Campus Building Ministry or Grace Academy.


Is a bridge building ministry of services in every aspect of life involving prayer, community service, outreach, pastoral care and counseling.

School of Christian Education (SCE):

We train believers to know who they are in Christ, to have Christ Consciousness and to have victorious Christian life.

School of Ministry (SOM) –

We train Ministers and would be ministers on effective and result oriented ministering. We also ordain and deploy those who belong to Global Message of Hope Mission International. Those from other ministries and organisations are awarded certificate of Graduation.

Commonwealth Millennium College (CMC):

We train believers and Ministers on deeper understanding of the Ministry Life of Christ and how they can enter into it and do more

works as the Lord Jesus expected of us. This is a Diploma course.


Kingdom Builders Academy (KGBA) –

We train Volunteers and kingdom/ church workers for

success in life, ministry and effective and rewarding services.

Missionary For Christ Academy (MFCA) –

We train believers on effective missionary work.

Faith Miracle and Healing Academy (FMHA) –

We training believers to become Workers of

Miracles and Healing Ministers.